About Us

A bunch of Doers

Kaara is a Sanskrit word which means ‘Doer’ in English. That is an apt definition for our team and the way we perform.

We all understand the importance of execution while realizing a vision and during the 5 of years of our journey we have constantly demonstrated this and have come close to mastering the art of execution.

Why Kaara

We focus and invest in right technologies

We work relentlessly to meet the technology needs of our customers within the timelines and guide them towards the right direction by solving their business problems to achieve the success point(s). Our people and values ensure that our customers always get beyond the best and add value to their customer outreach at every stage.

Our Entity

Kaara has always been and would always be a people centric organisation, which is built around the knowledge and skills of humans. Not merely Products, Processes, Services, Machines, Success, and Growth. We get our values and culture right and all these follow naturally.

Our Vision

To master the technologies of tomorrow and solve real world problems for Businesses and Consumers alike by building products and solutions around the capabilities of PEOPLE.

Our Journey

We are extremely passionate about Technology and Business. With a unique framework on partnering as Value and Digital transformers for customers, we have consistently added value to many customers around the globe in their business processes.

Our Approach

Designing solutions, keeping you and your customers in mind

We ensure the responsibility for our customers in technology needs and help them to focus on their business objectives. We have successfully demonstrated with the same capabilities in our projects. To be specific, the following words define our qualities.

We have amassed tremendous growth across all indicators and have grown capabilities in mobility, analytics, testing as a service, cloud, and advanced analytics. For Kaara, the core lies in some of the special assets and IP created over years in Pre-ETL, Automated Data Mapping, World class visualizations, and driving value in shortest possible time for the customer.


Our culture, built on the pillars of our values, is driven across each process, individual, and interaction we do as business.

We are respectful to the individual, diversity, and ecosystem; we are open minded to learn, unlearn, and relearn where required.

We are a fun place to work. We believe in integrating life and work, rather than balancing them. We encourage people to think about how they can add more fun to their work every day.

Our employees are self-critical of all actions, honest in accepting faults and working passionately on how we can make our customers successful

We have ensured that ‘Failure is always an Option’ But ‘Excellence is Not an Option’ and a Must in everything we do’.