Modern Apps

A more connected and intelligent Business and Customer Experience

Kaara has built its core strength through years of experience in developing rich modern apps for startup’s and enterprises alike. What sets us apart is our focus on ‘good-looking, intuitive, user-friendliness’ of the new-generation application apart from just the functionality and use-cases. Our experience with our clients has shown us that client user experience, usability matters as much as the functional specifications.

So, what are Modern Apps?

We like to call it digital applications for the modern age! In some way , Apps 2.0 of the digital evolution.

What does it comprise?

Why do companies need this?

As the landscape of devices is changing rapidly, Modern applications provide support for all kind of devices. Not only different form factors, different platforms or different interaction mediums, these applications consider different user behaviours and rely on well-considered UX design. They enable your users to leverage complex back-end or cloud-based services and data in a highly productive and compelling manner.


We follow the approach of design, define, develop, testing and deploy. Considering the fact that the need of every company differs, we tend to devise comprehensive solutions for them by defining their requirements.

We not only develop applications for individual platforms (like IOS, Android) but we also work with cross platforms (like Xamarin, jQuery, HTML5). We are able to demonstrate our capabilities through all the platforms with number of functions like data management, UI/UX, media parsers, unit testing, cloud integration, material design, API framework etc. The list will keep growing.

Our diversity lies in the fact that we do not build products just for one industry. Over the years, we have developed products for health care industry, social media, transport industry, education sector etc. Some of our applications we have developed are:

Some of the mobile applications we have developed


Bragit is a social media application wherein you can brag about your lifestyle.

Municipal corporation app

It is an app which can help government to make people aware about the happenings of the city.

Hotel Handheld

Targeting the hotel industry, the app is helpful for any chain of hotels who want to digitalize their entire system.

Body n Spice

An ayurvedic solution to your health problems.


The popular Zaxme social platform lets you search, share and ask opinions and reviews from friends that you trust.


Anvayaa is an organisation driven with a single minded focus on offering one-stop Parent Care Solutions.


Over the years, we have developed successful web platforms for the connected business. Whether its APIs, system integrations, the web applications Kaara has developed have also been used to analyze data, create charts and other valuable reports.

The technologies that we use in web are HTML5, JS, AngularJS, Node, Sencha and Mean.

Some of the web applications we have developed


VGrow is a 360 degree visualized platform for any educational institute. It provides several modules so that teachers, administration, parents and students can stay connected.

Health Care App

Health care app is a platform, which makes interaction between doctors, patients and their staff smooth.


Powwow platform makes recruitment simple.


For Kaara IOT signifies a connected ecosystem of devices, wearable, web and mobile which is supported by Data Insight.
Our Connected Vehicle, Connected Building, Stream Insight, Predictive Services Ecosystem and other IOT Capabilities help our customers improve efficiency in this exciting domain.

Kaara uses it’s IOT capabilities and embed it with its Mobile and Web capabilities and enhances the same with ML/AI and Cloud capabilities to provide a wholesome Modern Apps experiences to enterprises.

Our services and approach:


STEP is an Supply chain platform which connects digitally the key components of chain including sourcing, logistics, warehousing, commerce, and modals using it’s asset lite aggregation for surface, warehousing, sourcing partners, to provide ease and seamless business flow and trade flow.

The next generation of Supply chain would be connected, digitally integrated and driven by Data and Artificial Intelligence built in platforms like STEP


When we speak about Modern Apps, AI/ML become an important aspect to provide a wholesome experience.

The team at Kaara applies its ML and AI capabilities on most of the work we do for our customers and enhances their Customer Experience, when they start interacting with the system.
Kaara uses its AI/ML capabilities to provide following services as part of Modern Apps portfolio:

  • Voice Recognition and Response Solution
  • Chat Bots
  • Customer touch points
  • Virtual Personal Assistant
  • App Analytics
  • Decision Support Systems
  • BI and Analytics on the App Data


Cypher is a function of three major components – Data, Technique and Domain.


Our Own Chatbot.


Cloud services and platforms have become an integral part of a Modern App ecosystem. More and more Apps today are leveraging the rich and mature ecosystems of cloud systems like Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. Enterprises also are adapting cloud services to get scalability, better turnaround, and cost efficiencies.

Kaara is well versed with all the major cloud services and optimizes all the different modules and at the same adept at private clouds as well.

Kaara’s independent cloud services include:

  • Cloud Advisory and Assessment Services
  • Cloud Deployment and Migration Services
  • Solution Design, Build, and Optimization services
  • Solution Design, Build, and Optimization services
  • Productivity Applications and Services Provisioning
  • Cloud Operations, Administration, and Management


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