Robotic Process Automation

Fully AI enabled RPA to Accelerate your growth

Our RPA Solutions leverage our core AI, ML & Data Modelling capabilities to build true digital transformation solutions by identifying, optimizing and automating theier processes and make decision making faster


RPA is a breakthrough technology and more and more organisations are realising the importance of that.

Kaara has built a strong framework around RPA which is a natural evolution of process automation tools we have been delivering for years now. Our AI/ML and Data Modelling capabilities along with the tools like UI Path and Automation Anywhere has enabled us to serve our customers in the best possible manner.

Our productised approach to RPA has accelerated the implementation and adaption of solutions for our customers.

We have successfully reduced Processing errors and enabled the human work forces of our customers to do more with zero error in the entire process. Our bots are intuitive and actionable and add value to the entire process.

RPA Solutions

Employee Engagement
Recruitment - CV
Short Listing
Procurement Process Automation
Invoice Processing


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