Accelerating your Sales

Acsalerator is a customized solution created by Kaara to help enterprises take advantage of research, advisory, design and technical capabilities of Kaara to make their sales cycle better and faster, assist in better STP and enhances their story telling.

Accelerating Your Sales Process

Helping you at every step of turning a prospect into a customer.

Today’s businesses and customers are more demanding than ever. Enterprise sales cycle ranges anywhere between 6-12 months.

Not knowing and having inadequate knowledge about your customers increases this further not to mention low conversion rates. Studies have shown that chances of you selling more increases when a sales person shows the values to the prospect by ensuring that they know their business, industry, challenges and what proposed solutions would do to increase the efficiency or reduce the challenges.

It also helps to have quick turnarounds and visual experiences of the proposed solution.

Kaara has created a solution to help enterprises accelerate their sales cycle by providing the sales people insight on the targeted customers, their needs, changing industry dynamics, drafting the financial benefits of the proposed solutions etc.

It’s like putting your entire sales process on steroids.


Covering the entire sales cycle

Industry Research

A dedicated team with matured capabilities ensures that you understand the industry you want to approach by providing in-depth analysis of any specific industry with high quality data collection and data processing services. This includes detailed research on core structure of the industry, various players, customers, market potential and current size, technology trends, challenges, initiatives by major players, disruptions, profiling of major players etc.

Industry Trends

Strategy & Vision

Potential IT Projects


With primary and secondary research techniques, we do provide factsheets about individuals and organizations using statistical and analytical methods in the kit.
This is a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation with details on the company that include Deep Dive into what the company is into, it’s strategy, competitive analysis, business drivers, key KPIs and technology within the industry.

Industry Trends

Strategy & Vision

Potential IT Projects

Solution Demonstrator

We believe, for better understanding visuals speak more than words.
The solutions proposed in enterprise segments today are complex and take time to deliver; it is important for the customers to understand the touch points and experience the solution. We do this by demonstrating the solution through visuals that includes 2D/ 3D modeling, infographics, sway documents and other visual aids .

Industry Trends

Strategy & Vision

Potential IT Projects

Business Case

Even if the technology and business team like the solution and are ready to deploy it, the sale is not over. Business and Finance team need to understand the Total Cost of Ownership and the Return the company would be getting on the investment made. For better and faster understanding we provide well-structured document of cost benefit analysis stating the financial predictions and benefits that can be gained by the given solution.
We make it further easier for sales people to do it on their own by just providing few data points.

Industry Trends

Strategy & Vision

Potential IT Projects

Proof of Concept

Sometimes customers also want to see a quick POC on the proposed solution.
We do not limit ourselves by just producing the research reports and visuals, but also provide the proper validations for the concepts or theories, which has the potential to be applied in real world.




We garner insights from the latest information gathered from across the globe to answer all your questions through our well-crafted, customized solutions and offer you excellent value for money by implementing a consciously low-overhead approach back by our seasoned research team.


Desk research is a planned approach. There is an objective and a end result which needs to be linked at each step to achieve the desired results.


With millions of available sources to choose from a researcher may get bombarded with a lot of information that may not be required. The plan needs to be finalized with the required timetable with milestones.


Every bit of information collected needs to be recorded, evaluated and validated. This is the most important step ensuring credibility of the data collected and ensures the research is on track.


All the information needs to be arranged and integrated to logically link topics together to ensure the research objective is met as per the plan document.


The data needs to be presented in a format that is visually appealing to the end reader. Fonts, Content placement, Reading styles, Colors etc need special attention and confirmation before submission.


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