Ready solutions for many needs of enterprises

At Kaara, we have built products which are ready to be used for various industries, functions and departments. Our passion for working with technology and innovation has resulted in a wide portfolio of products.

These products are being used by consumers and enterprises alike. We also use this expertise in ensuring that the requirements of our customers are converted into successful and awesome products.


Accelerated Data Analytics

Any analytics process primarily involves processes that revolves around Data, Technique and Domain modules. An analyst therefore should fundamentally deal with creating the right combination of these working constituents to solve problems.



Redefining Supply Chain

S.T.E.P. is a supply chain management solutions platform, highly aimed to minimize issues in this fast pacing logistic industry, by bringing all the stakeholders, including APMC markets, Warehouses, SMB, Traders, Custom clearance agents, Ports and Fleet operators under one virtual roof.



What Happens in Bragit stays in Bragit

Bragit is an activity centric social platform to brag to your friends, interest groups or the public in general. Here you can challenge your friends, create a constant cycle of one-upmanship; gang-up with or against each other; or just follow your favorite topic or person. We ensure that your brags will remain only with the friends you have shared with.



Municipality Citizen Service App

Citizens across the world are getting adept at using technology and increasingly demanding. Government Agencies have also realized that it’s essential to use the new age to technologies to increase the level of services and create a collaborative approach with the citizen.



Panchayat App

Kaara has built a Panchayat App, which is an ideal amalgamation of the ‘Digital India’ plan and the empowerment of the citizens so that they can avail all the services of state and center. It will help the Panchayat connect to area they belong to.



Trust Your Circle

The Zaxme app lets you search, share and ask opinions and reviews from friends that you trust the most! Instead of searching reviews and recommendations from people you don’t know and/or don’t trust or ”paid for” ratings on products/services you need to buy, connect with those you value the most, your trusted circles.